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Dr. Leslie Drapiza

Dr. Leslie Drapiza is a board-certified Family Medicine/Obstetrics physician and Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator. She pivoted her career to offer psychedelic-assisted therapy after working in primary care and obstetrics in the Salem, Oregon, community for over a decade. 

As a primary care physician, she witnessed her patients struggle with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and PTSD and how the current medical system continued to fail as they encountered barriers to care and tried multiple medications without relief. While searching for a better option for her patients, she experienced how psychedelics helped to heal her own trauma and improve her mental health.  She wanted to be able to offer this type of healing to her patients, as well.

Driven by her belief that everyone deserves that same level of healing in a way that integrates mind, body, and spirit, she completed the InnerTrek Psilocybin Facilitator Program in December 2023. She continues to be amazed by the parallels experienced in birth work and rebirth work through psychedelics. She believes that the path to healing is reconnecting to our own Inner Healer and beloved Mother Earth.