Legal Psilocybin Mushroom
Journeys in Oregon

The Modern Mental Health Crisis

Despite having more access to medicine, food, and entertainment than ever before, something seems off nowadays. And it’s starting to spin out of control. 

We’ve grown up in a hierarchical, disconnected, and unsustainable world. People lie, steal, cheat, and destroy entire communities, cultures and ecosystems for money and power. Just thinking about the struggles we face can create anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. Dealing with all of this by numbing or isolating ourselves is common. People try to disconnect from everything, including their own feelings and values, just to try and make it through the madness Finding true healing, real reconnection, and growth seems near impossible. 

But our problems won’t be solved the same way that they are being caused. A psilocybin journey, particularly one that integrates nature, can help you see yourself, the world, and your part in it all differently! 

Safe, Expansive Psilocybin Journeys

You may already know how magic mushrooms can help your well-being. There is a strong and growing body of research showing how mushrooms have helped people break the patterns of anxiety, alcoholismpost-traumatic stress disorder, and more. The FDA has recognized it as a breakthrough therapy for both major depressive disorder and treatment-resistant depression.

But to be clear, this isn’t like therapy for such things in the traditional sense. With psilocybin having such powerful and broad effects, it may help you see the nature of these issues more clearly. 

Our journeys aim to enhance that, as you gain new awareness on yourself, your relationship to the world, and with other people.  

Offering Individual and Group Psilocybin Journeys In Portland, Bend, Salem, Hood River, & Unique Journeys Through Oregon's Incredible Nature!

Eric Inman, Owner

My path over the last three decades has spanned traditional mental health, wilderness therapy, and guiding outdoor experiences of all varieties, my favorite being on rivers. I’ve come to understand the importance of altered states both personally and in working with others, the profound power of the natural world, and finding one’s peace and purpose. I earned my M.A. in Ecopsychology in 2013, then opened my own outdoor experience company, Evolve Wild, to help people connect with the stunning landscapes throughout Oregon.

When psilocybin became legal in Oregon, combining these two things was a natural fit. During my training at InnerTrek and through the psychedelic community, I connected with a group of other facilitators with diverse skills, backgrounds, and life experiences who also want to help people from all walks of life combine psilocybin with the benefits of time in the natural world.

Connect with a facilitator you resonate with and start your Journey today!

Our Nature-Based Journeys Across Oregon's Stunning Natural Lands, Informed by Eco-Psychology, and Supported by Decades in Guiding and Wilderness Therapy, are Unique in the Legal Psilocybin World.

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