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Lara Lee Ingram; Luna Skye - Facilitator

Lara (aka Luna) is a holistic life coach, spiritual counselor, and licensed psilocybin facilitator in the state of Oregon. Her practice is informed and inspired by attachment theory, somatic parts work and Internal Family Systems (IFS), the arts, tarot, and astrology. All are paths to explore the subconscious and expanded states of consciousness.

Lara has more than a decade of education and experience in the art of personal transformation. But her greatest gifts are her presence, empathy, and devotion in service to love. She can help you nurture your relationship with mushrooms to transform your relationship with yourself and all of life. She’s here for the lovers and dreamers, sensitive souls and free spirits, and the inner child within us all. This includes highly sensitive persons (HSPs) and empaths as well as those healing from insecure attachment and codependency. She feels especially called to support women on the spiritual path to rebirth the self by healing the mother wound.

This is a safe and nurturing space for your inner child to heal and feel held through shadow work that feels like play. Lara’s here to hold space and be your guide as you explore your inner landscape. Some of this may be familiar terrain and some may be uncharted territory. We can illuminate the darkness and find the light within. It would be her honor to support you on your path to healing and wholeness.

Lara has a B.A. in Arts & Letters from Portland State University (Summa Cum Laude). In addition to being a certified life coach and licensed psilocybin facilitator, she’s also a formerly certified Peer Wellness Specialist (PWS) with a solid foundation in mental health and trauma-informed care. She’s completed certificate programs in Somatic Attachment Therapy, Integrative Somatic Parts Work, and Applied Polyvagal Theory in Therapeutic Yoga through The Embody Lab.