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Eric Inman, Facilitator & Owner

Before earning my M.A. in Cultural & Psychological Studies with a certificate in Ecopsychology, I worked in mental health and education for over a decade. I later opened Evolve Wild to facilitate people’s connection with wild nature. In 2023, the first year Oregon officially began offering legal psilocybin services, I completed my psilocybin facilitation training at InnerTrek.

I offer psilocybin journeys, and in the warmer months, I combine my background in guided nature-based experiences and rafting trips to enhance the psilocybin journey and nature connection to allow you to explore deep connections with wild nature. 

Eric is here for the thinkers, adventurers, and explorers. Those who know things are off and want to break free from the matrix but are having trouble finding a path that calls them. Those who have seen through the false rewards of our material culture, but still feel burdened by the weight of expectations to conform to it. And the sensitive, especially to other people and beings, the harsh realities of the world, and struggle to deal with it all. 

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